Community Partners for Development - CPD

...partnering for sustainable development

About Us

Community Partners for Development –CPD, is an Akwa Ibom based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with office in Uyo. CPD was formed in 1997 out of partnership of NGOs and CBOs. CPD works with partners in, around and beyond Nigeria and works at Local, State and National level on human rights and sustainable development.


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Our Vision

A Healthy and Empowered Society

 Our Mission

To empower women, youth and children to achieve sustainable livelihood

Our History

CPD as an organisation, arose as a result of the realization that the proliferation of interventions within a community will not provide maximum results. It is a partnership of 3 NGOs/CBOs. These 3 groups have been working in various fields in Akwa Ibom State and they were:

  • The Survivors Project,  managed by Nka Ibaan Asuna – 1995
  • Women Agenda for Development and Democracy (WADD) – 1996
  • NTI Ibaan Welfare Association (NIWA) - 1995

The SURVIVORS were doing a wonderful job with female young school drop outs, rehabilitating them and giving them a ray of hope for a second chance. The USAID assisted in the training of young girls through this Programme.  WADD was involved with women political and economic empowerment at the rural areas, organizing workshops, training programs and rallies for women. NTI IBAAN was more involved with income generating activities towards the economic upliftment of the rural people. The various projects saw the training and subsequent establishment of many women and young ladies in diverse means of livelihood.

In all these interventions, one thing that was clear was that there was a need for greater dialoguing amongst sectors of the  communities and more joint efforts at solving community problems. The idea of forming partnerships was to provide the avenue for dialoguing and break down age long barriers that exists between the different sectors of the community. Thus, the birth of CPD in 1997.


 CPD has registered at Federal Level (CAC 2005 with certificate number CAC/IT /NO 18790). State level 1998 with certificate number MWA & SW Reg. 187 which is renewable every two years and with Federal Ministry of Women Affairs 2006.

Join Us

CPD currently employs 10 full-time staff and has cordial relationship with its many volunteers; among which are the over 1000 community volunteers that participated in the MIP projects in the selected communities. Also, CPD enjoys the services of a consortium, carefully selected based on their areas of specialization and the expected impact on CPD deployment of its goals and objectives through its various interventions in selected communities and engagements with identified stakeholders across levels and board. CPD is further enriched with the wealth of experience of the members of its Board of Trustees, made up 4 females and 3 males; and enjoys unlimited access to intellectual resources; both from its partners, library and the internet and always welcome persons seeking to learn, share knowledge and/ or experience.

Therefore, whether you are a lifetime advocate or new to human/community development cause, we invite you to join us. We welcome new ideas/relationships and value enthusiasm from partners and volunteers, new and old.

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